We transform guests to hotel influencers

and reward them in the process


Real guests provide real feedback, real review and get real rewards. You read it right, we are just keeping it real. Guests get double the benefits in using our app. A personalized, consistent and efficient service, and rewards such as free room-nights and F&B items from our hotel and merchant partners.

Service Delivery Touchpoints

Restaurant orders, additional linen, valet, make-up room and other service requests are just within a touch of your mobile phone. We ensure to include all touchpoints for service delivery are included so your stay will remain convenient and comfortable.

Hotel Messaging

Increase the level of interaction with our hotel partners thru our messaging platform. Guests can send special requests or messages to the hotel anytime and get quick response either you are in the hotel premises or outside exploring the locality.

Reward Points

Every use of the app through any touchpoint awards points that can be redeemed for instant gratification from our merchant partners or collecting to exchange for free room-nights and other perks and privileges from our hotel partners.

Feedback and Reviews

Guests are the lifeblood of the industry and we value most your comments, feedback and reviews. We encourage all guests to give your feedback and reviews in real-time so our hotel partners can receive and respond to it quickly. Our goal is for all guests to check-out happy and satisfied with the services.


is the key in todays challenging hotel market.

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Real-Time Feedback and Reviews

Respond to your guests when it is most wanted. Our platform provides for a real-time response to feedback and reviews ensuring that all guests leave the hotel happy and satisfies. Manage your online reputation by dealing with negative reviews when guests are still at the property assuring them that their concerns are the hotel's number one priority.

Dashboard and Staff App

We provide an interface that will make you deliver the perfect type of service that your guest wants. Our AI platform curates the experience of your guests coming from the rich content from our users. Provide a true consistent, efficient, and personalized service. The staff app will provicde for real-time response to guests requests optimizing service delivery and reducing man-hours.

Guest Intelligence

We create the personalized experience for your guests through our Artificial Intellience platform that will tell you what your guests preference are for all types of services delivered. We transform real-time data gathered from touchpoints integrated in the service delivery platform of the hotels to guest intelligence.

Merchant Partners

Tap into the hospitality industry's valued customers and get detailed insights from our review and analytics platform

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